Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thank you for reading Solomon Kleit, Customer Service Jedi. How may I help you?

Welcome to my blog;my ramblings, my philosophies, my inspirations and my insight into what some consider to be the most mundane job in the world-Customer Service. I think of customer service as one of the most important and dynamic jobs in the world and integral to the quality of people's lives. Think about how many times you wasted your time, arguing, pleading, begging or just plain giving up dealing with terrible customer service. Then also think of how much aggravation you have loaded yourself up with when you provide poor customer service to your customers. Time wasted on both sides that neither will ever get back.

It does not have to be that way for any of us-customer or customer service provider alike.

When we learn how to provide excellent service we then learn how to get it.

When we find satisfaction in providing satisfaction we create a sort of karma for society one experience at a time.

I hope that the experience, lessons and insights that I can provide to you-in addition to the same that you may share with me-will help us all gain a greater understanding of the importance in both providing quality customer support and also navigating around the bad customer support that we ourselves receive.